Sean Stephenson recently passed away (2019), but was seriously an angel on earth! He was born with a rare genetic disorder, which ended up only allowing his body to grow to around 3 feet tall. But he let nothing stop him, and not only defied the odds of survival, but also went on to thrive massively in life and professionally. From being coached by Tony Robbins, to becoming an assistant for President Bill Clinton, to completing University studies and becoming a top international motivational speaker – if Sean could conceive it, he did it. In this interview, Kane Minkus got a chance to finally meet a long time hero of his (Sean). Both Sean and Kane knew each other from the Speaker industry, but never got a chance to connect until when they were presenting at an event together. The Interview you will hear, is from a very impromptu opportunity to get some time together talking about how to become a top speaker. 

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